Clash Cards Champions Partners With Saulidity Audit

The blockchain auditing organisation Saulidity has announced, together with Clash Cards Champions, a new partnership to improve and safeguard NFT collections for its trading card game running in Web 3. This partnership aims to ensure that the web services infrastructure and NFT smart contracts used acrosse the online game are private and secure for players or protocol members.

This is a strategic partnership to gain extensive knowledge of the initial development phase of the TCG’s native token initial DEX offer (IDO). An important milestone in achieving future plans for social outreach and project growth already planned in this year’s official public roadmap for the online game.

The World of Web 3 Audits

Saulidity Audit is a well known organisation in the Web 3 industry, specialising in fool-proofing and analysing blockchain projects to ensure their security and reliability. They hold a high-profile reputation, for being thorough and unbiased in their reviews. Their main role is to conduct regular audits of infrastructure and smart contracts to ensure they are secure and compliant with industry standards.

In addition to these audits, the partnership also includes implementing advanced security measures such as encryption and authentication protocols to protect user data and transactions. It also provides guidance on best practices for maintaining system security.

CCC and the $CCC Ecosystem

Clash Cards Champions is a new online trading card game with a strong following in crypto communities with a large number of collectibles and gaming fans. The game allows players to collect, trade, and play digital cards representing various mechanics and interactions. The game’s security, integrity and user base shall be including new features and services in the future, throughout their development under updated safety standards.

Clash Cards Champions’ partnership with Saulidity includes the oversight of its NFT series for the gameplay experience to grow larger.

These NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) represent unique digital assets within the game and can be bought, sold and traded on an in-game marketplace. NFTs are also used to represent different accolades and rewards, giving fans the opportunity to own a piece of their most favourite perks.

What Lies Ahead?

Online trading card games have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years as many players collect and trade rare and valuable cards. By partnering with a blockchain network testing auditor, players can have peace of mind that their collections and transactions are secure. This official partnership brings a level of security and reliability to CCC’s collectible marketplace, the $CCC-Farm.

With that in mind, Saulidity’s blockchain analytics expertise ensures that NFTs are properly audited and secure, and Clash Cards Champions’ strong presence in the esports community provides a strong foundation for the success of its card and item collections.

Wrapping Up…

The partnership will give Saulidity Audit an opportunity to explore further capacities for this ever-growing field of NFT security, while trading card games will benefit users from added security and protection. This win-win situation meets and responds to major needs for both projects, as this blockchain auditor will have the opportunity to showcase their expertise in the growing field of NFT security, while CCC benefits from the added security and protection for its player base.

Saulidity’s expertise in analytics and compliance, combined with increasing popularity of the game, will ensure that innovative projects succeed, whereas it provides a step forward towards ensuring user security and privacy in the growing world of NFTs and online trading card games.

About Saulidity

A leading cybersecurity agency for smart contract development and security audits.

They offer services not limited to blockchain technology, supporting different projects with dynamic solutions for business ideas through emphasised security and efficiency.

Website | Twitter | Linkedin

About Clash Cards Champions

Clash Cards Champions is a turn-based NFT card dueling platform where users have exciting battles with the goal of becoming the king of NFT duels.

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Welcome to Clash Cards Champions! Our goal is to provide the best #NFT and #Play2Earn blockchain trading card experience to our users.

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Clash Cards Champions

Welcome to Clash Cards Champions! Our goal is to provide the best #NFT and #Play2Earn blockchain trading card experience to our users.